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Top 12 Interesting Features of New Nokia 3310

Top 12 Interesting Features Of New Nokia 3310

Nokia has re-introduced the iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone at the Mobile World Congress trade show in the Barcelona. This feature phone proved to be one of the best popular models during its time with the Nokia managing to sell more than 125 million units across the globe. The newly introduced Nokia 3310, 2017 comes with the certain improvements with some new and interesting features. Here are the top 12 features of New Nokia 3310.

1. COLOR VARIETIES AND DESIGN: -  The new design Nokia 3310 is a modern classic re-imagination of the phone which was first made available in the year 2000, The new version of Nokia 3310, 2017 is much lighter and slimmer with the new push buttons and the phone continues to have the rounded corners similar to that the original model. The newly introduced Nokia 3310 is available in differents color options like Red, Yellow, Grey, and Blue.

2. CAMERA QUALITY: - The new model of Nokia handset i.e Nokia 3310, comes with the 2-megapixel rear camera on the back along with the LED Flash. The original Nokia 3310 model was announced, the camera quality of the phone was still the challenge for the engineers, This amazing feature phone will help you to capture some of the simple images but also with the great quality.

3. ABOUT MEMORY: - The New Nokia 3310 model comes with the 16MB of inbuilt storage that can hold more phonebook contacts and other cell records and it can also expand the memory by up to 32GB via microSD. Nokia 3310 is able to store dialed numbers, 8 missed calls, 8 received numbers and some of the short messages in its memory.

4. IMPROVED DISPLAY: - The New Nokia 3310 has a monochrome graphic screen with the resolution capable of displaying 5 lines. Nokia 3310 comes with 2.4" color display which is better and bigger that the monochrome display of the older Nokia 3310. While the old Nokia 3310 came with the 48 * 48-pixel resolution. Its successor now comes with the whopping 320 * 240 pixels resolution. The company mentioned that the new device to feature a curved window with a polarized layer for better reading ability under the sunlight which can still feel monochrome display of the 2000's Nokia 3310 will outperform the new 2017 version launched variant.

5. BATTERY LIFE: - The newer device of Nokia 3310 is of 1200mAh capacity, which is 25% bigger that the 90mAh battery of their predecessor. While the other device is rated to deliver up to 4.5 hours of talk time and lasts up to 10.8 days on the standby mode, where the new device launched with the bigger battery which gives up to 22.1 hours of talk time and lasts up to 31 days in the standby mode, which is expected the cheapest inside might be better optimized than the 17 hours older technology.

6. DUAL-SIM SUPPORT: - The New Nokia 3310 can now use a dual-SIM, both the slots were supported mini SIM cards and come with the dual standby.

7. SUPPORTS WIRED HEADPHONES: - The new Nokia 3310 offers the features which were missing from the luxurious of all the high-end handsets which support for traditional cabled headphones. The base of Nokia 3310 mounted 3.5mm audio jack means you can listen to music on the move without worrying about the drained headphones or the wireless interference.

8. ENJOYABLE GAMING OPTION: - The original version of Nokia 3310 comes with the interesting gaming features. There are the bunch of new games offered with the new device including the newly updated version of the snake and other games like Doodle Jump, Diamond Twister 2, Asphalt 6.

9. ABOUT RINGTONES: - The most famous and popular ringtone is included in the newly unveiled Nokia 3310 handset. It will surely bring all your memories with the earlier used Nokia phones. While the 200's device is limited to the single SIM, the new 3310 comes in both the single SIM and dual SIM variants and also has the third slot for inserting the MicroSD Card which supports only up to 32GB.

10. BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: - The newer device of Nokia 3310 also comes with the Bluetooth connectivity for transferring files with other nearby the Bluetooth enabled devices. It also has the FM Radio and the Music Player device with MicroUSB 2.0 portA for charging and connecting to the computer to transferring files.

11. Micro USB PORT: - The New Nokia 3310 has been replaced by a micro USB charging port in the 2017 model from the pin charger of original Nokia 3310. It makes a lot of sense considering we will have a lot of micro USB cables around. The port can also be used for transferring data.

12. KEYBOARD FUNCTION: - The keyboard of New Nokia 3310 has an another beauty aspect of both these features. The T9 keyboard layout remains same on the both device versions, but the newly launched variant came with separated buttons to answer and end calls. Where the D-Pad is the selection buttons which are not backlit like other keys.