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How To Fix And Dry Out Your Cell Phone From Water Damaged

How To Fix And Dry Out Your Cell Phone From Water Damaged.

If you forget that your phone was in your pocket and suddenly your cell phone fell down in the water, the clumsy water knocked a glass of water onto it then you don't need to worry about just follow the steps properly given in this article.

Whenever it happens to you then as soon as possible do it freaking out, you will probably begin frantically tapping all the buttons blowing on it or blasting it with the hair dryer to quickly get rid of all the water from your cell phone, just follow this simple steps which are given below to dry out and fix your cell phone from the water damaged.Firstly, you have to retrieve your damaged cell phone as quickly as possible. If your phone is still in the water then get it out as soon as possible, the longer it's in the liquid the greater it will be damaged. When the device is no longer submerged if you can take the battery out. Make sure that whenever it happens don't bother it by pressing any buttons or powering it off, just slightly open up the phone and pull the battery out, you have to carefully power off the device and try to cut off the power in the device as quick as possible to prevent any possibilities of the short circuit. Always remember that do not blow dry it or stick it in the oven the heat can damage the delicate the electronics inside. Just do a quick wipe with the clean towel and making sure that no water should end up draining into its ports and other openings. If any amount of water trapped inside the phone it may cracks or indentations, in that case, so try carefully and use compressed air to blow it out. Be careful not to blow the water inside your cell phone. Many folks swear by the stuffing the cell phone in a container of rice and leave it for 2-3 days. This technique is quite helpful, easy and cheap also. But this process could have some negative effects like the rice absorbs the water, you may leave with the mushy rice mess stuck in its creases. The smartest option is to keep synthetic desiccants on the hand, they were far less messy and works more quickly and efficiently than the rice process. One of the smartest tricks is that you can do is to begin hoarding the desiccant packets every time you will see a loose desiccant packet with a new pair of shoes, with the hard drive, pull it out and save it. Dump them all into the plastic container you are certain has an air tight seal. Just drop the dunked phone into the container, seal it up. These process can absorb water from your cell phone and not from the outside air. Or you can just follow this simple steps which are given below to dry out and fix your cell phone from the water damaged:

1. REMOVE ALL THE PARTS OF YOUR CELL PHONE: The first and important step is to power on the phone. And then you have to take out the battery from the phone and remove the back cover and all the rest parts of the phone.

2. DRY OFF YOUR CELL PHONE: The second step is that you have to dry off all the contents of your cell phone i.e back cover, battery,  sim card,  memory all the areas got damaged.

3. FILL THE CONTAINER: The third most step is to filling the container almost to the top of the container with the dry rice.

4. PUT THE CELL PHONE AND ALL IT'S PARTS IN THE RICE CONTAINER: The fourth most step is to putting the damaged cell phone, battery,  sim card,  memory in the rice container and leave it in there with the lid over it for about 2-3 days to get dry and take out all   the moisture from the water damaged the phone.

5. TAKE PHONE OUT: The fifth step is taking out the cell phone nd all parts from the container.  After 3 days take out the cell phone and put the battery, back cover all the parts onto the phone then turn on the power.

6. TURN ON YOUR CELL PHONE: The last step is to turn on the phone and it should work fine with no problems. 


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