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How to do a Speed Test of a website

Learn how to do speed test of a Website/ Webpage :

Some of the sites I have listed here which will help us to detect the loading time of our site We will undergo "Video of How to do Speed Test of a website" for reference. 
  •  -by GOOGLE 
  •  -by PINGDOM
  •  -by GTMETRIX
The sites which are listed above are only the popular sites for testing the loading time. You may go through various other sites over the Internet.

What is the Advantage of a fast Loading of a website -

Loading Speed of a website is the first and last impression of any website. Research done by KISSmertics is 40 percent leave website if they overcome very slow loading of a website and they never come again. Conversions and bounce rate is directly proportional to load time of a website.
Now why loading time speed hinders search rankings as because google or any other search engines loves users not a website so user experience will be good if a website has fast loading speed. Sometimes we see sudden drop in search ranking so in such cases speed may be main guilty. We should check the CSS and remove the image with a very high pixel. So we can say that speed is one of the major factor of SEO. 

* Important Notes *
  • Performance Grade - Must be green in Colour
  • Load Time - Must not exceed 03 (Three) Seconds
  • Page Size - Must not exceed 4-5 MB
  • Request -Must not exceed 100 (One Hundred)
We must compress CSS, script, HTML etc before hosting our website live. we should also use good hosting providers with good backend high power processors. RAM is also important for simultaneous users. Never try to upload high-quality image it hinders the loading speed.

Mobile vs Desktop

Search ranking is different for both mobile and desktop versions. So we should remember before uploading an image. The size of an image must be different for both the versions. If your website version loads fast but mobile version load slow you can create an another version of your website for example ( Popular websites like has different URLs for mobile, tablet and desktop versions

So first we should know why our site should load fast. 
  1. If our site loads fast then we will be benefited in SEO
  2. How SEO will be benefited. Because google ranks the site at first position to a site that who loads faster than the others
  3. Sites with a fast loading appear in SERP first. But only speed of a site is not sufficient for higher ranking, it depends on many other factors of SEO 
  4. We should work on both OFF and ON Page SEO for higher ranking
  5. We can say that loading time of website is one of the many factors of SEO

You may see all videos of our website, Complete video reference for all the sessionsVisit here :-


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