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How to create Sitemap for a website

Create Sitemap of a website in 10 Minutes :

We create XML Sitemap for Search Engines and HTML Sitemap for user easy access. We will see an example of Sitemap below :

What is Sitemap?

  • Sitemap can be of two types, XML or HTML
  • XML Sitemap indicates the set of all possible URLs of a given website. It helps search engines to crawl all the webpages of a website
  • XML sitemap can be created Online using Sitemap Generator

    Blogger Domain For example ( :

    Now we try to know how to build Sitemap for websites created on open platform Blogger. A website can me made on a  free platform such as Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla and much more. For creating a beautiful website we used Blogger Templates. Before our Domain was something like But after we had bought a custom domain and redirected from to So without wasting time we will know how to create sitemap before redirecting to custom domain (For example or We will add (atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500) after the Blogspot domain for example ( SO now we have created our Sitemap Url but still, we are not ready to appear in search engines like (, Yahoo and Bing etc). To appear in search engines we should submit the above Sitemap URL to Various Search Engines. Now how can we do this...

    Go to Dashboard >>  Settings >> Search Preferences >> Crawlers and Indexing >> Edit Custom robots.txt

    Now we will try to fill the above box. 
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /
    Sitemap :

    Custom Domain For example ( :

    *Important Notes*
    • Priority of Homepage URL must be 1(One)
    • Changing Frequency may be daily, weekly, monthly etc
    <loc></loc>   ---- Url of your domain ------
    <changefreq>daily</changefreq>      ----- Changing Time of your content ----
    <priority>1.00</priority>   ----- Priority of url ----- 



    Some of the Sites I listed for generation of Sitemap very quickly

    Now we will go Step by Step reference to create our Sitemap
    • Enter your Site URL 
    • Enter the given Security code
    • Keep "Page Changing Frequency" Daily - If you change the content of your page daily
    • And Hit the button "Create free XML Sitemap" Button

    Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster tools :

    Successfully we have created our Sitemap Custom domain now it's time to explore in search engines. We will go to we will select our website and go to Crawl >> Sitemaps >> Click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button and add our sitemap URL for an example

    By creating a sitemap it doesn't mean that we will appear in search engines in a sudden. Google webmaster tools may takes some time to fetch the submitted URLs. It may appear within 24 hrs or more. If we add or create more posts we don't have to submit our site several time, we can directly fetch our new URLs from Fetch tool in Google webmaster tools

    Let us undergo video tutorial now for full reference :-

    You may see all videos of our website, Complete video reference for all the sessionsVisit here :-