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Earn money online without investment

Earn money online without investment - It's Free

Earn money online without investment by typing - 

Creating a Website:

Earn money without investment now: By building a website you can earn unlimited money just by sitting at home by the comfort of your home. But one thing I must make clear to you that making money online is never been easy, it can take up to to a while to be on the track on the way to your goal but you will succeed if a have patience, many people fail to reach their goal isn't because their website or idea is bad but because they give up very easy, and that only we have to avoid to have our work done. Basically, it's quite easy to set it up but hard to manage. so now m going tell you now how to setup your website to earn money by just sitting at home.

So at first, the most important thing is a website, If you are a beginner and don't know how to make a website then you can try Wix, word press or any other to make your own personal or professional website. basically, word press Wix is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP, which helps you to create your own website without having any coding knowledge. So after your website is setup, now we have to know how do websites make money the answer is Advertising, it could of any product or may be another website.

We will be required to take advertise and put it on to our website to make money yu can get advertise from any source available on the net but the best one is Adsense which is run by google, so for that, we need some amount of traffic on our website to get approved by google.

Once approved you will get a code that you will have to put on your website where you want to show the advertisement. The advertisement will be shown on your website after some time. After that you need not do anything it’s the user who will see and if the click on the Ad. Then for every click, you will be getting money.

Earn money online without investment for students - 

How to earn money without investment through mobile - 

Grab points:

Earn money online without investment: So what Grabpoints is, it's a website and also it has its App for earning money in the form of points so as the name goes Grabpoints. One can make money by redeeming points once he has reached up to a least of 3000points.

It gives 1dollar for every 1000points. Once 3000points you have completed you can redeem it by PayPal or any other way that it has. Don't get afraid 1000poins doesn't take much time as it gives away per day 50points without doing anything just by redeeming code that comes regularly in your notification. Just click on the notification, click on the link and redeem the code, woo! that's very easy but if you want to earn more in a single day, there are much more offers to avail as for example, you can take surveys which give an instant and a lot more points at a quick easy basically it's the easiest way to get points to get redeemed at a short time at least to check Grabpoints if it works genuinely.

Not need to worry I personally use it and it's that easy!. The other ways are, you can upload your video to youtube by promoting Grabpoints for that you will be rewarded with 500points, Oh ! ya that's half a dollar just by uploading a video and many more offers that you can avail just visiting the site.

Youtube Monetizing:

The other way to earn online is by youtube.. ya! That’s right but not by watching videos in it if you are watching, the channel is gonna have the earning, not you.

If you want to have that then you just want to do a simple thing just make your own videos and upload. Google gives direct advertisement  to the youtube page on the right-hand side where your video is  played and on the video also, you can earn a very good amount of income but some terms and condition are applied , if the video has a copyright means  if you are downloading any video from youtube or from the internet  the video will be  copyright content and youtube does not monetize a copyright content and without monetization you won’t be able to earn.

So I would recommend you,  make your own videos and upload to your channel get more subscribers and views and enjoy your earnings by just sitting at home. 

How to earn money online without paying anything - 

AppDownload (FreeB):

Earn money online without investment by clicking ads: FreeB is an app, it has no website of its own, it is available on the Android Platform (Play Store) and in Apple store too. So let me guide you how to earn money from this app. First of all, you will have to download it, either from Playstore or apple store whatever you are using it's just 3MB and comes free of cost you don't need to purchase or redeem any code, after installing register with your phone number and start earning just by download apps that will be displayed in the offer section. 

For every successful install you will be rewarded with a definite amount of earning or you can just click on the "Click" option available in the offer section only, but this feature unlocks only after installing an app from freeB, then by clicking on that button you can earn up to 75paisa per day and a monthly Rupees of 22.5, adding this and installing app you can earn up to 200-300 Rupees per month. Every week new app "offers' comes which you can install an earn. Minimum amount to redeem is Rs 30. Once you have reached Rs 30 you can recharge anything. 

Many options are available like Data Card, DTH Recharge, Land Line etc. Choose the amount, then just select what you want to recharge. Enjoy your free earnings.

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