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What is HTML

Topic #1 :- What is HTML?

  1. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
  2. HTML elements (paragraph, heading etc) is a building block of a web pages
  3. HTML is written in Tags (<p> paragraph is here</p>)
  4. HTML tags which is written in smaller and greater than sign that not get displayed by our browsers (Google chrome, Firefox, Safari etc..)
  5. This is wrote to define that this document is HTML 5 
  6. HTML 5 - It is the latest version of HTML which arrived in our technology world in 2014
  7. It is wrote to define that is the main pillar or root of this document
  8. It is part of HTML body where whatever we write it is displayed by browsers.
  9.  Whereas head section doesn't displays its contents.   

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, We implement HTML  to create web pages. 

For example human being is made of skeleton which supports human body to stand, sit and all other daily activities. 
Similarly, HTML is building block of a web page :
  • It gives a rigid or flexible shape to a web page  
Now through HTML hyper links, we interconnect the web pages to build a web site which we upload to a live server through ftp software to make it live for all over the world.

Some points to remember about HTML :- 

LINE 1 : Here in First line We write <!DOCTYPE html>
LINE 2 : 2nd Line <html> 
LINE 3 : 3rd Line <head>
This line is for search engines, quick description for us.
LINE 4 : It is the Title written inside the head section in <title>
title of the webpage  (  Sarkari Naukri Railway ) See above in blue arrow </title>

LINE 5 : Line 5 indicates the closing of head section ( </head> )

LINE 6 : Line 6 is starting section of body

    LINE 7 and LINE 8 : We will discuss later in different classes.

    LINE 9 : </body> indicates the closing of body section.

    LINE 10 : </html> indicates the closing of full HTML document.

    Where and how to edit or make a HTML document :-

    There are different editors for editing and creating a HTML document, But as a starter i will recommend to use normal notepad or notepad++ which will help you to learn HTML briefly
    How to open notepad in both windows and Mac book :
    In Windows 7 - Start Menu  > Programs > Accessories > Notepad In Windows 8  or 10 -
    You will get a search bar with placeholder like Ask me anything, Just type notepad