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Top 8 Color Photo Printers Review In 2017

Top 8 Color Photo Printers Review In 2017

While choosing the best printers your first decision is whether to go for the standard printer and a multi-function device which includes a scanner and it works as a standalone copier. Everyone should always think carefully about where to invest in the inkjet or laser printers. The laser printers are merely associated with the office environment for producing smudge free, printouts quickly, economically and sharp. But these are as useful at home or at home office. The mono laser printers are not the only options, it is also affordable in color laser printers. So, codework comes with a list of the best 8 laser printers.


This is the best choice ever for the first time photo printer buyers. This color photo printer is capable of 3.5"*5". 4"*6" and 5"*7" prints, the Pm-400 printer produces excellent qualities of photos and this can be added in Wi-fi connectivity for printing directly from the cell phones, tablets or laptops. It gives a convenient and inexpensive option and it does not take up a lot of places. The speed of the printing standard size is 4"*6" prints ranges within about 40 seconds. This model of printer offers an impressively high quality for all the types of images.


This wireless all-in-one printer is the best budget printer which is inevitably going to mean tradeoffs. The HP Envy 4520 is a worthy investment if you want the bare bones of the color photo printers, This HP printer is the well-designed body and all-in-one which offers the low-profile printer, this printer is of 2.2" touchscreen which has less clutter and confusion with the easy setup. This color photo printer is one of the lightest and wireless printers in this list and includes a bottom of the machine.


Canon Pixma pro-100 printer is well-designed with three buttons decorate the front with the silver and gray casing power, Wi-fi, cancel or resume. This printer offers an 8 color ink system which can handle prints up to "13*19" inches and can handle the main paper tray up to 120 sheets of the plain papers and 20 sheets of the thicker stock photo paper. When it comes to buying best printers, you want to quit its quality for the budget, but always keep in mind that you get what you pay for with the printer.


The EpsonSureColor P600 is the cross-pollination of the professionals and consumer who are looking for the best color photo quality at home. Whenever you were disappointed to see the P600 limited tp "13*19" print but it has the superb color accuracy and saturation shot it to its black inks make the top best printer of our list. This printer maximum prints image size of 13"*19" and take upwards of 5 minutes and 8"*10" will take around two minutes, but this P600 has the lack of a roll paper cutter which slices off the print when it finished.


The Polaroid Zip mobile printer looks tiny which is not only portable but also prints quality photos. This printer is the best choice as because it fits in the palm of your hand, and this is the exact kind of portability and capable of pairing with the smartphone via Bluetooth and limited to images no more than 2"*3" large, without any need to change the paper sizes and it is built of the shiny white plastic which looks external hard drives rather than the photo printers.


The Canon Selphy printer dedicated the best photo printers which are often too large to be carried. The CP1200 printer comes with one caveat and only prints 4"*6" images. Canon printer has the ability to print images simply by tapping the button on your smartphone through the Canon's Selphy App. This printer is capable of printing up to 53 prints on a single charge. This Canon Selphy also offers an optional battery for traveling conditions.


To get the best photo color printer at home print photography. The quality of the photo is glorious, this is an impressive photo printer which includes USB PictBridge support for printing, it really allows for two paper feeds, one is used for the non-specialty photo paper with about 120 sheets and second single sheet feeds which are used for the heavier art paper.


This photo printer is of one-touch printing solution brings that instant charm of the smartphones age, one-touch printing cuts down on the steps between physical copies and a shot. This photo printer prints the picture in the standard 4"*6" format with the high-definition details and it assures D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology by which they won't bleed or fade away while printing.

Best 7 Home Audio System 2017 Review

Best 7 Home Audio System 2017 Review

Finding the right audio system to fit your budget and space can be difficult, so we have listed some of the best-picked audio systems, whereas the sound field, is a lot more immersive, mainly in the larger rooms and the overall difference in the audio-visual perception is notable when viewing 3D visuals. Nearly all the systems in your selection feature the latest in the digital technology and connectivity which is combined with some of the serious audiophile grade components and the speakers. Those who are looking for the full immersion of beautiful sound with expensive high-end HD sound equipment. Here are the best 7 picked home audio systems which are listed below.


This LG home audio is amazing as because it combines the wireless Bluetooth connectivity with the modern designs and resulting in the elegant and totally functional package which focuses on aesthetics and the sound. The aesthetic towers were synced with the Bluetooth and play audio or via USB, CD or radio stations. This LG system package comes with the HDMI Cables, Four 36-INCH Towers, DVD player and a subwoofer. This LG audio system makes the perfect complement to your house party, it has 1000 watts of power will fill the larger rooms with the crisp audio and the tower can be turned for the effects in your home theater.


The Logitech speaker is the most affordable and a wired of two channels sourced 5.1 and 3D stereo sound system which includes six speakers and a ported down-firing subwoofer. This speaker comes with the 75 watts of balanced power which is enough to fill a room with the sounds and has a control dial that lets you easily to adjust bass levels. This LG speaker includes 3.5 mm and RCA audio out allowing for easy connection to the video game consoles and much more.


This music system can capture the every guitar strum, pin drop, and a bass note from the music playlist. Bose system can be added through Bluetooth enabled and wireless and can turn into a warehouse into a concert hall. Bose sound system comes in black and white color and works with the home Wi-fi network and Bluetooth devices by that you can stream the audio from any devices like your computers, smartphones sound touch app.


This Sony micro music system has the power of 50 watts which is built in CD player, an USB input for the music playlist, FM radio, and in Bluetooth connectivity by which you can stream the music by via your laptops, smartphones, and tablets. But it does not have too much raw power, this device's USB port can only read 250 songs due to its power saving functionality and power down within the short period while music is paused. This micro music system gives the retro look but it provides a 2.1 amp charging capability if you want to power your smartphone and play music from it.


The Acoustic audio home theater 5.1 system comes with the six speakers and powered the sub which is the bigger audiophiles that are the ground of booming power and in affordable price. This music system uses only 700 watts with the power frequency of the 20Hz to about 20Hz with powerful speaker package which is suitable for every home theater system and works fluently with your personal computers or smartphones, digital media player, and gaming system.


Yamaha music system comes with the Music Cast speakers in the audio system which can keep pace with the latest technology in the home theater. This speaker system has the most engrossing sound experience, but a home audio system can support many files and 4K audio too. This system has the ability to set up for the party and main mode zone which let you play audio at different volume in the different rooms.


This Nakamichi Shockwave provides a powerful home audio experience in terms of power and sound quality, and it also has five sealed speakers and six DSP chipsets which bring the media to life with the DSP EQ modes. This system includes 11 tuned speaker drivers for 104dB of sound and 8 inches of wireless subwoofers, the speakers are wireless while the HDMI connected bar has 4K pass and plays Dolby Digital plus contents.

The 7 Best Sites For E-Filing Your Taxes Online

The 7 Best Sites For E-Filing Your Taxes Online

Generally, there are two recommended options for the overall tax programs, they are free and too cheap options too which are available for those who have simple returns and low enough to adjust gross income. The best options for the most e-filers are TurboTax and H&R block, there are other reputable alternatives also, Various services offers free state tax returns which raise the possibilities of complete fee-free tax seasons with the exception of some of the members of the Free File Alliance. After researching of the marketplace, here are 7 best options to have the cheapest and easiest e-file tax return through online mode.


FreeFile has the few options that the IRS gives for those who are looking for the free e-filing which is starting from  January 23, 2017. You can fill out the forms online through the IRS fillable forms website and then e-file your taxes with them if your income is above $64,000. The big pain is the route by that you can't prepare or submit your state return through the IRS. The list of IRS approved E-File vendors to choose from the many of whom offer free e-filing on federal returns, to file out as tax software are not simple to fillable forms, you have to literally fill out the IRS tax forms.


Turbotax offers the free e-file edition for those whose has the adjusted income of about $33,000 or less or to those who are literally eligible for the earned Income Tax Credit. If you want to file the state e-file then the same criteria apply. If you choose to upgrade the another version, then your data should be transferred. However, Turbotax offers the significant discounts on the higher level products.

#3. H&R BLOCK: 

 H&R Block offers the free-file edition, to use the free edition your adjusted gross income should be $64,000 or less. It recommends two options, the first one is that your age should be between 17-50 years, and the second option is that you were active duty military or you qualified for the Earned Income Tax credit, whereas the same criteria apply for the free state returns by which you can easily transfer and upgrade to the different version at the later time if you have the more complicated return. H&R Block is a solid alternative for e-filing your taxes online, but it does not offer as in-depth help to some of the online competitors, the free edition offers a vast array of forms and such schedules. The software becomes comprehensive and effective for the higher in price and bringing instructions to line up the schedule.

#4. TAXACT:  

TaxACT offers the free-file for the state and federal returns. TaxAct eligibility requires the adjusted Gross Income to must be of $52,000 or less and also requires one of the followings that is you were active military with an AGI under the $64,000,
your age should be 56 or less, or you are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. TaxACT free e-filling version does have some of the frustrations drawbacks. Tax acts offer a complete tax filing process for everyone if your AGI is under $52,000 and you are under the age of 56 or less, and qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

#5. IRS2GO:  

The IRIS's website is one of the best places to go for tax tips, laws, forms, calculators and questions you have about your finances or legal obligations prior to your e-filing. The government website features contact information for the local tax offices and recommends tax software depending on your income and it still concerned that the sites pairs with the appropriate process for filling after the brief questionnaire.

#6. eSMART TAX:  

eSMART Tax offers an online library tax website which is one of the largest tax preparation franchisors of the North America. eSMART Taxfree plan comes with the features available for paying eSmart customers and includes audit preparation support, live access to tax professionals during the business hours and access to prior year return importing and to prior year tax returns for about five years. The eSmart tax also offers attractive prices lock guarantee, secures the current pricing at the time of creating your account and if you use the free plan, this guarantee won't come into play, but it might helpful to know about the case you have to upgrade to a paid plans.


The FreeTax USA offers federal tax filing for the several tax situations of all the complexity levels. It supports all the major schedules as well as forms which have very useful features such as prior year tax return storage and importing.It has some worthy drawbacks which include lack of audit assistance version, drafting responses and preparing the documents to navigate the audit. 

How To Fix And Dry Out Your Cell Phone From Water Damaged

How To Fix And Dry Out Your Cell Phone From Water Damaged.

If you forget that your phone was in your pocket and suddenly your cell phone fell down in the water, the clumsy water knocked a glass of water onto it then you don't need to worry about just follow the steps properly given in this article.

Whenever it happens to you then as soon as possible do it freaking out, you will probably begin frantically tapping all the buttons blowing on it or blasting it with the hair dryer to quickly get rid of all the water from your cell phone, just follow this simple steps which are given below to dry out and fix your cell phone from the water damaged.Firstly, you have to retrieve your damaged cell phone as quickly as possible. If your phone is still in the water then get it out as soon as possible, the longer it's in the liquid the greater it will be damaged. When the device is no longer submerged if you can take the battery out. Make sure that whenever it happens don't bother it by pressing any buttons or powering it off, just slightly open up the phone and pull the battery out, you have to carefully power off the device and try to cut off the power in the device as quick as possible to prevent any possibilities of the short circuit. Always remember that do not blow dry it or stick it in the oven the heat can damage the delicate the electronics inside. Just do a quick wipe with the clean towel and making sure that no water should end up draining into its ports and other openings. If any amount of water trapped inside the phone it may cracks or indentations, in that case, so try carefully and use compressed air to blow it out. Be careful not to blow the water inside your cell phone. Many folks swear by the stuffing the cell phone in a container of rice and leave it for 2-3 days. This technique is quite helpful, easy and cheap also. But this process could have some negative effects like the rice absorbs the water, you may leave with the mushy rice mess stuck in its creases. The smartest option is to keep synthetic desiccants on the hand, they were far less messy and works more quickly and efficiently than the rice process. One of the smartest tricks is that you can do is to begin hoarding the desiccant packets every time you will see a loose desiccant packet with a new pair of shoes, with the hard drive, pull it out and save it. Dump them all into the plastic container you are certain has an air tight seal. Just drop the dunked phone into the container, seal it up. These process can absorb water from your cell phone and not from the outside air. Or you can just follow this simple steps which are given below to dry out and fix your cell phone from the water damaged:

1. REMOVE ALL THE PARTS OF YOUR CELL PHONE: The first and important step is to power on the phone. And then you have to take out the battery from the phone and remove the back cover and all the rest parts of the phone.

2. DRY OFF YOUR CELL PHONE: The second step is that you have to dry off all the contents of your cell phone i.e back cover, battery,  sim card,  memory all the areas got damaged.

3. FILL THE CONTAINER: The third most step is to filling the container almost to the top of the container with the dry rice.

4. PUT THE CELL PHONE AND ALL IT'S PARTS IN THE RICE CONTAINER: The fourth most step is to putting the damaged cell phone, battery,  sim card,  memory in the rice container and leave it in there with the lid over it for about 2-3 days to get dry and take out all   the moisture from the water damaged the phone.

5. TAKE PHONE OUT: The fifth step is taking out the cell phone nd all parts from the container.  After 3 days take out the cell phone and put the battery, back cover all the parts onto the phone then turn on the power.

6. TURN ON YOUR CELL PHONE: The last step is to turn on the phone and it should work fine with no problems. 

What To Do If You Forget Your Android Pin Or Password

What To Do If You Forget Your Android Pin Or Password. 

If you forget your android smartphone pin, pattern or password then you don't need to worry about. Here's given the solution for what to do in that situation. No one can imagine to being locked out of your device is how much horrible, the smart move for every smartphone users are to set up the lock screen on your device for security so that other can,t access it. In this article, we will explain to you that what to do when you forgot your password, pin or pattern locks. The smartphones and tabs are very secure these days with the rise of fingerprint scanners, it means whenever you use your passwords or pattern locks lesser than before and it result sometimes may forget it. But from now you don't need to worry about this,  you can reset your passwords bypassing the code or wiping your device to get back again.


The last resort is to perform a factory reset through the recovery mode menu on your device. Always keep in mind that factory data reset will erase every data and files your phone have Factory Data Reset Protection (FRP). Once you reset the factory data reset, you have to set up your phone and also make sure while you were resetting that you take note of your pin or the password is given this time. There is a similar step to hitting erase in your Android Device on the find my mobile, owners can boost their smartphone into the recovery mode and also performs the factory data reset.


If you have forgotten your password or pin than the best bet is to use the Google's Android Device Manager. Google offers the similar features for all the android users, it is known as Android Device Manager and it will replace the current lock screen with the password lock. In this case, you have to know the email address and password of your google account. Whatever your phone is running Android 6.0 marshmallow, Android 7.0 nougat or any latest version of android than your device will need to be on and should connect to the internet and follow the steps:

  • Open the Android Device Manager site on your device and log in with your google account.
  • It will default to your current phone, but when the multiple devices are registered.
  • You can select the correct device by clicking the icon on it and name in the upper-left corner of the page.
  • Now click the Lock option on the left.
  • Then you will be prompted to enter the new password and confirm it.
  • Make sure that you remember the password or pin you chose.
  • Now you can go back to the Android device and enter your newly created password to gain the access.


Here is a good new for the Samsung phone users, whoever created a Samsung account and activated "Find My Mobile" during the setup process, then you can use this amazing feature to unlock your phone for further safety. For this the process you have to know your Samsung Account and the device will need to be on and should be connected to the internet. From now your device will communicate with the find my mobile and after few minutes it should unlock remotely.

  • Open the Find My Mobile website on your devices and log in with your Samsung account.
  • The current device and phone number should be displayed in the upper left corner of the page. You should Pursue the options on the right side of that page and click the  Unlock My Device.
  • Then you can unlock your phone or any other device remotely by entering the password for your Samsung Account.


The most simpler process is to unlock your devices when you forget your pin, password or another android devices. This merely happens when you see a prompt under the login windows which says "Forget Password", or "Forget Pin". Tap that and enter your username and password for the google account to change your password, pattern, or pin this can give you immediate access.


If you don't recognize your google account details, then visit the Google Account Recovery website option on your devices and work through the provided process. You will be prompted to enter the google credentials if you have been entered an incorrect pin or password more than 20 times. You can simply enter your email address and password then heads over your email inbox and confirm the login. You can use this method to reset your password or pin when you forget your password pin or pattern locks. 

8 Best Tricks To Boost Battery Life

8 Best Tricks To Boost Battery Life 

In today's world, battery life is one of the biggest problems for the android phone users. The more you use your smartphones, the more power they need to run. Nowadays the biggest impact on the consumer satisfaction is the poor battery life. But from now it is going to be easier to make battery life last longer without missing out the features you love most. We had listed some of the important tricks and tricks to get rid of short battery life and ensures your devices to never die.


Changing your phone's display setting, under your smartphone, there is a display setting
the menu, you will find an option labeled 'Screen Timeout' or something similar, this setting controls how long your phone's screen stays after receiving input. Each and every second count there so set your screen timeout to the shortest available time. Most of the smartphones have the minimum 15 seconds if you are currently using more than 3o seconds or more it considers reducing your battery life.


As with the screen timeout, your phone's Wi-fi is a serious battery drainer. Toggle it off whenever
you go out the door or while not using your phone. When you will at the time needs to use your office or home Wi-fi connection than internet access and other data services, there are more chances to reduce your battery. Android phone users can add the Wifi toggle widget to your home screen to make this a one-tap processor swiping down from the top of the screen.


Everyone loves their smartphone having the colorful display, but it is the mortal battery enemy. More than anything, the colorful display consumes battery life at the devastating position. Most of the phones include an auto brightness feature which can automatically adjust your screen brightness to suit the lightening levels, this mode consumes less power than constantly running your screen at the full brightness. So, just try to follow this tip it will definitely extend the life of your battery.


By turning off your Bluetooth radio, you can add an hour or more to save your battery life. By
transmitting the data wirelessly takes battery life and leaving Bluetooth on to accept incoming data at all the times requires even more battery life. Turn on Bluetooth expect when you are using it to squeezes more power from the battery.


The ability to run more than one app at a time is the powerful smartphone features ever. It can burn a lot of energy as because every app can use the share of your phone's processor cycles and some of the apps they were particularly heavy for the battery life. The apps which aren't using can drastically reduce your CPU's workload and cut down the power consumption.


Generally, vibration uses more power than playing a ringtone does, where the ringtone has to make
the only tiny membrane in your phone's speaker while the vibration enough to produce sound. But when you don't want to be disturbed audibly then consider turning off all the notifications and leave your phone in view so you can see when a call is coming.


All the things like the search for updates, messages, polls the internet in the search of news steals your phone's battery life. It's general that you don't want to turn off the notifications about news, messages, missed calls, but turning off the other unusual notifications will definitely help you to last long your battery life.


In some of the phone's, you may find the manufacturer has provided power-saving options that will go beyond anything available in android phones by default. Enabling the battery-saving mode can manage the phone's various power-saving features for you, by default, this feature can usually turn on when your battery level drops to 20 percent but you can set in at 30 percent instead and sooner your phone switches to the power-saving mode then the longer its battery will last.


  • Keep your apps up-to-date.
  • Don't use task killers apps in your phone's.
  • Keep your android phone as cool as possible.
  • Don't let your battery fully discharge too often.
  • Keep updating your phone and all the games on your android phones.

11 Effective Battery Packs To Keep Your Gadgets Perfect

11 Effective Battery Packs To Keep Your Gadgets Perfect

Nowadays many peoples are dependent on the portable devices, but we always rely on the batteries that give power to them. Where picking the wrong battery can leave you stranded. To avoid the running completely dry, it is the best to carry the portable battery packs. We had listed some of the best options to consider that could fit a range of different demand from the ultra portable units, which provide a quick top-up for your phone to rugged and outdoor friendly power packs which will keep your devices to going for some more days. Here are the 11 most effective battery packs to keep your gadgets perfect.


If you are looking for something that's not too big and not too underpowered then, the travel card charger pack is the best option ever. This charger pack has both micro-USB cables and lightening properties. Wirecutter found to be better made than the most other credit card sized battery packs.


This will not keep your phone powered for extended trips, but also you won't find the much more portable option than the Jacker bolt pack. This battery pack includes built-in micro-USB and lightning connectors, so don't worry about carrying any extra cables. 


This AmazonBasic battery pack is the most popular chargers and very inexpensive battery packs. The AmazonBasic bank 5,600 mAh will give you the enough power to recharge most of the phones two to three times. It is not much bigger in size or heavier than the large smartphones, but if you want more power or portability than you can go for another option.

#4. ANKER POWER CORE+ mini: PRICE - $13

The Anker power core+ mini is the lipstick shaped power core+ mini and the most popular chargers which maintain the four and a half star rating on the Amazon after 25,000 customer reviews. This battery pack is available in the five colors and it doesn't have integrated connectors like micro-USB cables etc.


Mophie charge force power station has been one of the most effective and respected brands when it comes to power banks and it is most advanced yet. The Mophie battery pack is much like power station lineup. It also includes Qi wireless charger pack, this makes the charger force 12,000mAh battery packs.


Anker compact jump starter and portable charger can even recharge much larger batteries, which can charge your smartphone and the car also. This battery packs can largely deliver and notes that it won't provide enough of the boost for the large engines. It is that battery pack which has a built-in LED Flashlight. 


Zerolemon tough juice packs are the best if you need maximum power, but it may not fit in most of the pockets. This power bank has lots of power and enough to recharge plenty of devices at once. 

#8. ANKER POWER CORE 20100: PRICE - $40

Anker power core 20100 power banks are the most widely recommended and comes in size and capacities to fulfill any need. These battery packs are particularly the popular choice which provides enough power to fully recharge the several devices at once. It is notable for having a USB-C to a pair of the standard ports.

#9. EASYACC 15000mAh: PRICE - $79.99

This EasyAcc battery pack makes some great technical products at the superb price. EasyAcc 15000mAh means as the 5x the size of the average smartphone battery packs and this battery pack for your devices has no exception. 


This 3iART waterproof case is fully waterproof and floating dry bag. It also has an audio jack built into attached headphones so you can keep this for all year round. This touchscreen battery pack is fully operational through the transparent plastic too, so you don't need to worry if you accidently drop your phone into a muddy puddle, at least it won't sink.


The biggest issue in today's world is battery life. The Soulra boost solar battery pack can help to bound to drain your battery. It comes in handy and in addition to helping you to recharge your phones using the sun ray's and also splash-proof and rugged, so it will withstand most of your conditions and it can charge your iPad too.  

Apple iPhone 7 AND 7 Plus Full Review

Apple iPhone 7 AND 7 Plus Full Review

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus are full of aggressive breaks from the convention while wrapped in cases which look almost exactly like their two direct predecessors and is a deeply unusual device. After the decade of Apple's steady two-year iPhone update pattern, generally retaining the same design for a third straight year and against the expectations. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus has many good kinds of stuff like it is water resistance and improved cameras. Better battery life and good performance and have the good display. And also has much bad stuff in it like jet black model scratches easily, it has the lack of the headphones jack which is inconvenient, and wireless audio ecosystem is immature.


Apple iPhone 7 has removed the headphone jack is an act of pure confidence from Apple, which is the only company that can set off a sea changes in and 7 plus the industry aggressively dropping various technologies from their products and has a massive installed base of the customers love and trust the company who makes it happen. It has been cleared that Apple iPhone has forceful, but considered opinions about the next generation of the phones should fit in our lives.


The iPhone 7 has the new home button that will elicit the instant reaction from the peoples which makes the experience more natural for the users. The button is no longer moves at all, it's totally solid like newer MacBppk trackpads. This system really works tremendously well on the MacBooks, but in the iPhone, it feels not like you are pushing a button, like the entire button of the phone is clicking. You can set the haptic feedback to one of the three force settings which can make it feel like a stronger or harder click but it's still strange if the phone is lying down on the table instead of in your hand and you can feel that you're pushing against nothing.


Apple iPhone 7 display can show the wide range of colors, and also captures a wide range of color photos which has been taken by the iPhone 7's camera. Where the app developers can take advantages of powerful new hardware, Instagram has already announced an update to support wide colors. The iPhone's models camera is capable of capturing information in the P3 Space, while the new iPhone models are the latest MacBook Pro, and iMac models which can show these colors off in all their glory.


The new iPhone 7 and 7 plus models can be easily mistaken for their predecessors at the first glance. The most popular changes are that two of the antenna lines that could be marred the beautiful design of the previous iPhone models have been removed and the once
which remain are flush with the top and the bottom edges making them a lot less prominent than ever before.


The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus performance comes with the fastest phone in the world, it performs like a breeze, while we did experience minor stutters on the iPhone 7 plus in pre-iOS 10.1 days and had very little complain about you installed the update. The new iPhone 7 never been suffered from any of the niggles and despite the fact that it lacks the marquee in all important ones. This Apple iPhone model has largely down to the improved battery life on the iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6s, as it can last an extra couple of hours on 3G/4G networks. Where the battery life of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus should last a day on a single charge, but if you are an excess user the bigger iPhone still has clear benefits.


Apple needs to play catch-up when it comes to the camera performances, but this year's iPhone models have the major changes to the optics, through the rear camera it is still rated as 12 megapixels. The iPhone 7 has the brand new sensor with a f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization, and six-element lens and also packs a second f/2.8 telephoto lens which allows for 2x optical zoom.The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have both the quad-led true tone flashes compared to the previous models and the most effective


The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus comes with the iOS 10 out of the box. The first thing you will notice is that the iconic Slide To Unlock is now removed and replaced by the initially confusing Press Home To Unlock. The other change in the iPhone model is that you may or may not notice is the ability to uninstall some stock apps that iOS Devices ship with. But you have to keep in mind that when you uninstall an app, you are not really removing it from your device, the only thing that gets removed is its icon from your screen. 

9 Best Microwave Oven And It's Price

9 Best Microwave Oven And It's Price

Are you looking to purchase a microwave oven to heat up your frozen veggies and defrost poultry? So, here we had listed some of the top-rated microwave ovens which have a great speed, efficiency, and quality at every price point.

If you are looking for a spacious option, this may be your best choice ever. In this microwave oven, you will find all the usual bells and whistles on the unit with over 30 settings including the array of smart pre-programmed buttons for frequently cooked foods with the keep-warm option and has the six auto-defrost choices.

You can always find the Cuisinart microwave oven for your quality kitchen appliances. This Cuisinart microwave can boost eight preset options with the different serving size options for frequently heated foods and it has not any exception.It has the two defrost functions, ten customizable power levels for the serious versatility, and also has a timer. This oven has the two-stage cooking option such as it could always defrost for a certain amount of time and then automatically switch to the regular heating for as long as you want and you could always set custom cook times using the memory function.

If you are searching finest microwave to upgrade your kitchen, then this model is a great choice. Panasonic's inverter technology uses an even power stream to cook food at consistent temperatures, where the traditional microwave ovens use a plus-one and plus off method which doesn't penetrate food quite as well. You can also poach and simmer liquids in this microwave, knowing that the temperature will stay consistent and it has a turbo defrost function and a keep-warm setting with an energy-efficient alternative to the microwave oven.

Kenmore microwave is the top-of-the-line microwave ovens you can get ever. This confection oven does almost everything your oven can do like braising veggies, meat or baking bread. This oven also works as a regular microwave, evenly heating frozen the dinners or the leftovers in no time. This convection oven can be used for the multi-stage function to cook frozen foods or meals at the two temperatures like starting on the defrost and then transitioning to a higher temp to finish.

The best function of this microwave is that it offers a grilling element which features a ceramic plate that helps to crisp up the bottom of your leftover foods. If you want to heat up a lot of messy foods then you have to opt for something like this microwave oven with the ceramic enamel interior which is easy to clean up all.

This countertop microwave oven is perfect for when you need reliable performance without all the bells and whistles. It also keeps your energy bills from the spiking by selecting this microwave oven's Eco button, which can drop power consumption.

The Whirlpool microwave has a feature to removable middle rack, which allows you to heat or cook two dishes at once, that is honestly brilliant and should be in all the microwaves forever and also has a feature to all the regular setting like defrost, keep warm, reheating, and pre-set food item options, but the best setting is the 'soften/melt'' which is helpful for everyone who frequently bakes with the melted butter or chocolates.

In this microwave oven, you can defrost either by the time or weight, in case you forgot to take that chicken breast out of the freezer last night. It can also allow you to adjust the power levels from 10% to 100%, so you will never accidently scorch those delicate chocolate chips again. You can choose six different one-touch functions which create the perfect the settings and cooking length for heating up beverages, popcorns, full dinner plates, frozen veggies, and potatoes.

The Kenmore microwave is one of the most budget-friendly options for you that doesn't sacrifice any quality, this modest countertop oven will get the job done without the blowing your electricity bill up or overtaking taking your counter space and helps in preset cook buttons take the guesswork out of the cooking things such as popcorn and potatoes, while the timer and clock functions are convenient additions to your kitchens.

Top 12 Interesting Features of New Nokia 3310

Top 12 Interesting Features Of New Nokia 3310

Nokia has re-introduced the iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone at the Mobile World Congress trade show in the Barcelona. This feature phone proved to be one of the best popular models during its time with the Nokia managing to sell more than 125 million units across the globe. The newly introduced Nokia 3310, 2017 comes with the certain improvements with some new and interesting features. Here are the top 12 features of New Nokia 3310.

1. COLOR VARIETIES AND DESIGN: -  The new design Nokia 3310 is a modern classic re-imagination of the phone which was first made available in the year 2000, The new version of Nokia 3310, 2017 is much lighter and slimmer with the new push buttons and the phone continues to have the rounded corners similar to that the original model. The newly introduced Nokia 3310 is available in differents color options like Red, Yellow, Grey, and Blue.

2. CAMERA QUALITY: - The new model of Nokia handset i.e Nokia 3310, comes with the 2-megapixel rear camera on the back along with the LED Flash. The original Nokia 3310 model was announced, the camera quality of the phone was still the challenge for the engineers, This amazing feature phone will help you to capture some of the simple images but also with the great quality.

3. ABOUT MEMORY: - The New Nokia 3310 model comes with the 16MB of inbuilt storage that can hold more phonebook contacts and other cell records and it can also expand the memory by up to 32GB via microSD. Nokia 3310 is able to store dialed numbers, 8 missed calls, 8 received numbers and some of the short messages in its memory.

4. IMPROVED DISPLAY: - The New Nokia 3310 has a monochrome graphic screen with the resolution capable of displaying 5 lines. Nokia 3310 comes with 2.4" color display which is better and bigger that the monochrome display of the older Nokia 3310. While the old Nokia 3310 came with the 48 * 48-pixel resolution. Its successor now comes with the whopping 320 * 240 pixels resolution. The company mentioned that the new device to feature a curved window with a polarized layer for better reading ability under the sunlight which can still feel monochrome display of the 2000's Nokia 3310 will outperform the new 2017 version launched variant.

5. BATTERY LIFE: - The newer device of Nokia 3310 is of 1200mAh capacity, which is 25% bigger that the 90mAh battery of their predecessor. While the other device is rated to deliver up to 4.5 hours of talk time and lasts up to 10.8 days on the standby mode, where the new device launched with the bigger battery which gives up to 22.1 hours of talk time and lasts up to 31 days in the standby mode, which is expected the cheapest inside might be better optimized than the 17 hours older technology.

6. DUAL-SIM SUPPORT: - The New Nokia 3310 can now use a dual-SIM, both the slots were supported mini SIM cards and come with the dual standby.

7. SUPPORTS WIRED HEADPHONES: - The new Nokia 3310 offers the features which were missing from the luxurious of all the high-end handsets which support for traditional cabled headphones. The base of Nokia 3310 mounted 3.5mm audio jack means you can listen to music on the move without worrying about the drained headphones or the wireless interference.

8. ENJOYABLE GAMING OPTION: - The original version of Nokia 3310 comes with the interesting gaming features. There are the bunch of new games offered with the new device including the newly updated version of the snake and other games like Doodle Jump, Diamond Twister 2, Asphalt 6.

9. ABOUT RINGTONES: - The most famous and popular ringtone is included in the newly unveiled Nokia 3310 handset. It will surely bring all your memories with the earlier used Nokia phones. While the 200's device is limited to the single SIM, the new 3310 comes in both the single SIM and dual SIM variants and also has the third slot for inserting the MicroSD Card which supports only up to 32GB.

10. BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: - The newer device of Nokia 3310 also comes with the Bluetooth connectivity for transferring files with other nearby the Bluetooth enabled devices. It also has the FM Radio and the Music Player device with MicroUSB 2.0 portA for charging and connecting to the computer to transferring files.

11. Micro USB PORT: - The New Nokia 3310 has been replaced by a micro USB charging port in the 2017 model from the pin charger of original Nokia 3310. It makes a lot of sense considering we will have a lot of micro USB cables around. The port can also be used for transferring data.

12. KEYBOARD FUNCTION: - The keyboard of New Nokia 3310 has an another beauty aspect of both these features. The T9 keyboard layout remains same on the both device versions, but the newly launched variant came with separated buttons to answer and end calls. Where the D-Pad is the selection buttons which are not backlit like other keys.